Windsor Wonderland 

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I went to Windsor! I started the day early getting breakfast from my hotel and checking out early as I rushed to the train station. With an hour till my train I grabbed a hot chocolate and was pleasantly surprised to find that while the Paddington shop wasn’t open yet they had a pop-up stall setup that day, so I went over and purchased a souvenir for my cousin (it’s a surprise so I’m not disclosing what I got her here).

Anyway the staff at the Paddington stall were super helpful and advised me of the Paddington Bear statue that’s on Platform 1, I didn’t know that there was a statue so I was super psyched to see it. Me and my pocket Paddington were super happy to find there is also a painted bench and plaque dedicated to Paddington Bear at platform 1. So I quickly snapped some photos with the statue and of my Paddington with the statue before checking the time and seeing if my train was boarding yet, it wasn’t but a few minutes later it was. 

To get to Windsor is fairly quick, you catch the train from Paddington to Slough and then transfer to the direct train to Windsor. All in all its barely a half hours journey. Once I got to Windsor I had some waiting to do as a cousin of my mother’s who I hadn’t met before was going to pick me up, of course there are two stations in Windsor so there was a little confusion at first but he managed to locate me (and as all my family have been saying told me I looked like my mum and aunt).

Before exploring Windsor I was taken to my cousin’s (2nd cousin) house to put down my luggage and meet the family. Then we were back to Windsor and off to see the castle.

Windsor castle is massive and beautiful, there’s so much to see and take in. Honestly amazing, I truly loved going around and seeing it. It was a really fantastic experience and we even got to see the guards marching around which was nice.

Windsor castle

After the castle we grabbed lunch and headed back to the house. We were due back into Windsor in a few hours though as mum’s cousin’s son had scored us tickets to the theater. So at 4pm we went to see the Matinee.

The matinee was a performance of Pride and Prejudice, this particular enactment using just two actors. Truly it was a great performance and thoroughly enjoyable, but if I wasn’t familiar with the story it probably would’ve been a bit hard to follow. I was really impressed by the subtle use of props to signify different characters and how they managed to carry it out so smoothly, really superb performance.

After that we had Chinese takeaway for dinner and watched telly before turning in for the night. Despite my intention to sleep in I was actually first up this morning, though I had my cousin’s dog Baxter to keep me company. 

Today wasn’t eventful really, I watched telly with the family before they dropped me off in Slough and I caught the train back to London. That brings us to now, I’m taking it easy in my hotel room (after stocking up on chips, chocolate and drinks) watching telly and looking forward to tomorrow. Because tomorrow I go on the Harry Potter World Tour!!!

So expect another post tomorrow after my tour. That’s all for now!




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