Witch’s Field


Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure” – Rowena Ravenclaw (J.K. Rowling)

Hello my darling readers,

I’m writing to you from my laptop as I’ve returned to stay with family in Elland. Before I go on about how great it is to be back and about my unlucky day today though I simply must tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday was possibly one of the best days of my life because yesterday I went on the Harry Potter World Tour at Warner Bros Studios. I meant to write up a post after getting back to my hotel yesterday but I was pretty knackered and simply forgot.

The Harry Potter World Tour was absolutely amazing, and well worth every penny. I awoke early as ever yesterday and headed out early for Euston Station where I was to meet my guide before heading to Watford. The guide was very enthusiastic and a fellow Ravenclaw, she saw us (the tour group) safely onto the train and gave us our tickets for there and back. Upon reaching Watford she handed us onto our tour guides for the studio who gave us our bus tickets and wristbands.

I had booked the tour (well my mum booked it for me) so that I would have a tour guide around the area and be able to go around afterwards on my own. It was so much fun and there was simply so much to see, the tour guide was able to tell us some cool, little known facts and point out really cool details. Some of the sets and props were set up so that they still had their special effects working; Buckbeak bows and the cauldrons in potions class stir themselves (I took a few videos of some of these effects and you can see them over on my Instagram). Honestly I cannot do it justice and neither can all the photos I took, there was just so much to see.

In the booking they also included a complimentary Butterbeer so at the halfway point we all stopped for a break and had our Butterbeer, which is really sweet and tasty (in my opinion: its kinda like Ginger Beer and Creaming Soda). I was almost tempted to go back for a second glass but I didn’t.

Me and my Butterbeer

After we finished the tour I went back and had a look at some of the exhibits closer before buying souvenirs (there’s two gift shops- one at Platform 9 3/4 which has special stock you can only get there and another at the very end). Got some really nice house gear for my friends and my cousin, also purchased a silver, replica wand necklace (it’s meant to be Hermione’s wand). Oh and I was super lucky because currently they had just reopened the tour after redecorating for Christmas so I got to see Hogwarts in the snow (best time of year to see the exhibit according to the tour guides).

So yeah yesterday was pretty damn amazing. But today my readers was anything but amazing. Today started easy enough, I checked out with an hour before my train and asked the hotel to call me a taxi. That’s when the day took an unlucky turn, my taxi never showed up and at 10.50 with only 45mins till my train I decided to walk to Euston Station and see if I could get a taxi there- my train was leaving from Kings Cross.

Just my luck, Euston Station doesn’t have a taxi rank. Starting to panic I put Kings Cross into Google Maps, 10mins walk later I find that Google Maps doesn’t search Kings Cross as Kings Cross Station but as a landmark. Panic rising I search Kings Cross St Pancreas, another 10mins. When I get to Kings Cross St Pancreas dread sets in as it isn’t my train station and there’s no help desks to guide me.

Luck would find me though and Kings Cross Station was just across the street, only a few minutes till my train was meant to leave I dashed to the departures board. My train as luck would have it was delayed, it was going to be 10mins late and there was no listed platform yet. When I finally boarded, platform 1, I was so relieved. I immediately contacted my best friend back in Australia to vent about my stressful morning, not yet knowing there was a little more stress to come.

The train arrived late in Wakefield, which meant I missed my transfer to Huddersfield. Of course if the conductor of the train had bothered to focus on anything except people that were going to need to transfer to Newcastle from Leeds then I would have been able to have realised I should have stayed on the train and made my transfer at Leeds. However the conductor didn’t mention anything so I hopped off at Wakefield only to find I’d have to wait an hour for the next train to Huddersfield. That’s when I found out that the credit on my UK SIM card was out, luckily I could access Wi-Fi to inform my family who were going to pick me up of the delay via Facebook.

And then the train arrived and I got to Huddersfield, and everything was fine after that. Which brings us to now, I’ve just finished having dinner (lovely chicken casserole and mash) and am feeling like I’ll take a bath. Oh but just one more thing, I’m over the moon excited about tomorrow because my Uncle Allan is going to take me to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (I was really worried I wouldn’t get to see it in cinemas because of my travelling).

Stay magical,

Sasha (Ravenclaw).


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