Wednesday Prompt Smash: Barbeque Sauce

A/N: Check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: Never ending fountain of barbeque sauce

Word Limit: 200 words

“So what were you thinking in regards to catering?”

“Well chips and meat and condiments, you know simple food.”

“Oh, uh sure. You didn’t want to do anything special? I mean it is your wedding.”

“Right, well maybe. I’ll think about it and get back to you.”



“Hey Louisa, I thought about it and I can think of a couple ideas for the catering.”

“Oh, sure, ok Paul let’s hear it.”

“Well I still want to keep the food simple but Maria and I talked it over and we’d like to do some fancy stuff with the presentation.”

“Fair enough, go ahead.”

“Well we thought what about a tower of chips, and if we had a large range of meats set out on silver platters. Oh and for the condiments what about a never ending fountain of barbeque sauce?”

“A never ending fountain of barbeque sauce? Are you serious?”

“Yes, well it might not necessarily be never ending but we really would like for the barbeque sauce to be in a fountain… maybe a ketchup fountain too.”

Word count: 179 words

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt Smash: Barbeque Sauce

  1. So I’ll admit I’m kinda slack reading these (which is horrible considering the link to my work is at the top.)

    I just read this one, and I giggled out loud reading this one.

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