A Trip to the Theatre


My dear readers,

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them with my Aunty Rose. We walked to the cinema in Elland and passed through the park which was a nice walk, though I didn’t take any photos. What I did take photos of is the cinema, the movie theatre that we attended is called The Rex. The Rex is an old theatre with just one screen, it was a beautiful cinema to go to though.

I loved seeing the cinema as much as I loved watching the movie, I’ll be putting up photos on Instagram later but will describe with words here what the cinema was like. At the top of this post is a photo of the outside, inside there is a ticket office box which is quite small and also has a sweets and confectionery window. There’s a chandelier hanging in the lobby and old photos of movie stars, just before you go through to the viewing room there’s also an old fashioned film projector.

Inside the cinema theatre itself there’s some modern lighting and comfortable red chairs. The screen has old fashioned red curtains in front that pull back to reveal the screen as the adverts begin. And just in front of the screen is an old organ, I assume it may have been used back in the time of silent movies but it is now used for monthly organ recitals (3rd Sunday of every month).

During the movie there was a 15 minute interval where a man came in with a tray of ice-cream and the like and stationed himself at the front for anyone wanting to purchase a snack. There was also hot beverages available in the lobby for the time of the interval, the whole experience was delightful and charming- reminiscent of a time long past and an absolute treat to enjoy. Honestly it just made the whole outing better, while I wanted to keep watching the interval was a nice break.

As for the movie itself I really enjoyed it, maybe not as much as some of the Harry Potter films but I did love all the magical creatures. If you are a huge Harry Potter nerd like myself then you’re probably aware of Ilvermorny (the American wizarding school), its briefly mentioned in the film and has a very interesting back story if you check out J.K. Rowling’s writings on Pottermore. Now one of the four houses of Ilvermorny is Thunderbird (the Ilvermorny houses are named after magical creatures), the Thunderbird actually appears in the movie and it is magnificent. For me I especially loved the Thunderbird because when I took the Ilvermorny sorting quiz on Pottermore I was sorted into Thunderbird, plus it was so beautiful in the film.

But yes I enjoyed my trip to the cinema yesterday, not just for the brilliance of the film but for the beauty of the theatre itself. That’s all for now.


Sasha (House Thunderbird)


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