Saturday Word of the Day: Heartsease

*Heartsease: peace of mind

The heavy fog was draped around the manor like a thick scarf, frost decorating every outer surface. Inside Lulu peered out the windows, hoping to get a glimpse of something other than the fog.

As the day went on the fog’s embrace did not loosen and the road became less and less visible. Lulu could hear the fire crackling behind her, the servants had lit it not more than a few minutes ago. And yet still she wanted to see something, anything, just some small proof that there was more to the world then the manor.

Day turned into night and yet still the fog would not lift. Servants in the manor ran about preparing the evening meal, some tried to usher Lulu from the window. Yet nothing could be said to give her heartsease, no words would make her stop looking out into the fog.

“What if it never lifts? How will anyone ever know we’re here? How can we know anyone or anything exists outside here?” In the dead of night Lulu murmured her thoughts to the window, her breath fogged up the glass.


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