The Long Dinner

Dear readers,

I am currently writing to you from Haworth, more properly known as Bronte country (after the Bronte sisters who used to live here). I’ve been in Haworth for 2 days now and I am enjoying it, though I am definitely feeling the cold these days.

On my first day here I’d been dropped off by my Aunty Rose at my mother’s old school friend, Helen’s home. The drive from Elland up to Haworth was really nice, we passed through Halifax and a few small villages on the way. When we arrived in Haworth it was afternoon, after a cup of tea my Aunt Rose returned back to Elland leaving me in the charge of Helen. There was still a few hours of daylight in the afternoon so Helen and I took her dog Monty for a walk up the top.

Monty is a German Shorthaired Pointer

The walk on the top was quite enjoyable and you could see most of the Bronte country from there. It really is a sight to behold and gives you a proper idea of what Wuthering Heights might have been like.


After returning from our walk there wasn’t much to do so we had some pleasant conversation before dinner. The next day, yesterday, we set out to see some sights.

Helen took me in to Keighley to see Cliffe Castle which isn’t really a castle. Cliffe Castle was a manor home that was later bought by a prominent MP and opened up for the public, it works as a kind of museum with all sorts of exhibits to see. There was an ulterior motive for us going to Cliffe Castle though as Helen needed to show support for the Bee Association, which she is a part of, who were part of a fair that was being held this weekend. So we looked around the exhibits and also went to see the Bee stall, got to try some special Honey Lip Balm which was quite nice.

Finishing up at Cliffe Castle we went off to Skipton to see an actual castle. Though before walking round Skipton Castle we decided to stop in the cafe and grab lunch. Skipton Castle is fascinating, there aren’t any furnishings but it is just so wonderfully old, at the entrance when you buy tickets they give you a map of sights to guide you through the rooms and I must say it was most helpful. Walking around the towers it was fascinating to see all the crossbow holes for guards to shoot out of and to get a feel for the different castle rooms, some of the staircases though were quite daunting to walk down.

All in all it was a terrific day of sightseeing and I was happy to have taken a few photographs (which I’ll be uploading on Instagram later today). But wait the day didn’t end there, after a few hours of relaxation we headed out for dinner. We went to a restaurant in Haworth which Helen and her husband are somewhat regulars at, it’s owned by a lovely New Zealand lady and her partner whose a Yorkshire man. The staff were all very nice and the meal was lovely, we got a couple of desserts to split amongst us though I only had a small nibble of dessert as I was very full.

After the meal as it was getting closer to closing time we were invited to sit and have drinks with the staff as Helen and Roger (her husband) are good friends with the owners. Conversation went on for hours, with all sorts of fascinating discussions about New Zealand and Donald Trump winning the election in America. It was really nice to sit and observe and listen, and everyone was extremely welcoming. Finally at about half past eleven we got a taxi back to the cottage and I was able to go to sleep.

Today the plan is to head to the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth and then to Saltaire, after Helen has finished giving Monty his morning walk. That’s all for now, may post again this evening.




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