My Mother’s Prison

Hello dear readers,

I’m back in Elland once again. This morning I left Haworth with Helen to visit a very special place- Rishworth.

Rishworth school is a boarding school that my mother attended when she was younger, my aunt and uncle also attended there and it is where my mother met Helen who housed me for the last few days. I was really looking forward to visiting the school that my mother and her siblings have told me so much about. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting and it was interesting with Helen telling me what was new and our guide from the reception able to let us view some of the classrooms.

After visiting my mother’s old school we headed into Ripponden to grab a bite and then it was onward to Elland. That’s about it for what I did today, nothing too exciting and I don’t imagine there’ll be much more terribly riveting things for me to write about as my travels will be over soon as I head back to Australia on Monday.




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