Listen I’m not Leeds-ing you on

Dear Readers,

There hasn’t been much of interest in the last few days but I have been shopping. On Wednesday my Aunt Rose took me into Huddersfield to do a little shopping for Christmas gifts and groceries. Not super eventful but I did buy a gift for my cousin’s birthday.

Then yesterday we went to Leeds, as you may have guessed from my punny title. Now my Uncle Allan is a Leeds man, its where he grew up, so along our walk through Leeds he’d constantly point out historic buildings for me and good photo opportunities. Which is good because I got a nice few photos of Leeds and its sights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While in Leeds I had one goal- to find the perfect gift for a friend I had so far forgotten to buy a souvenir for. It took a while but I eventually found something I feel will be just right for her. Actually I found it in a market, there’s this beautiful German market that takes place in Leeds in the lead up to Christmas. The market was extremely beautiful and the smells of the food to die for.

By the time we left Leeds it was past 3pm, we’d been out for a fair part of the day. Once back in Elland there was a few hours of relaxation before we headed out for a nice dinner at The Golden Fleece. While out for dinner some friends of my aunt and uncle were also there and we had some pleasant conversation with them.

All in all I’ve had a nice past few days and now I’m using today to just relax.




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