Saturday Word of the Day: Quondam

*Quondam: former; one-time.

There he was, just sitting there with that smug grin on his face. That sickening smugness made me wish I could just suffocate him, watch his skin pale and his eyes bulge and be done with him forever. Of course I couldn’t do that, that would be illegal… Not to mention we apparently needed him for the job.

My quondam lover only gets more smug as I glare daggers at him. Why on earth, of all the people the agency could’ve recruited for this job did it have to be him?

We had not parted amicably as you may have guessed, it was in fact a rather violent split with me finding him in bed with two others and hurling objects at the three of them whilst screaming for everyone to get out. It was not my finest moment but at least I had thought that my relationship with him and any form of affiliation between us was ended for good. But of course it wasn’t, and here he was all smug because he knew just his presence was setting me on edge.



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