The Wandering Writer Returned Home

Dear Readers,

I’d like to start by thanking you all for following along with me in my travels, it has been an honour to have you reading my entries. Yesterday I finally reached home after departing the UK on Monday morning, and so as you can guess this will be the last post regarding my travels (until such a time as I should be able to travel again). For those who joined me due to my travel journals I do hope you’ll stick around, I write some lovely short stories and I’m aiming to increase my output in the new year.

Now if you’ll bear with me I’ll recount a few of the greatest hits from my travels and fill you all in on my journey back to Australia and what I did with my first day home.

As you may know I started my journey by flying to Madrid and then heading via train to Cordoba, now of all the places my uncle and I visited in Spain I’ve got to say Cordoba was our favourite. Yes I loved catching up with family in Seville but Cordoba has to win because its just something else, the scenery is so well maintained and the place was breathtaking- honestly could of spent longer there. As for Malaga its a bit too touristy for my tastes, I enjoyed our time there but I don’t think I’d ever stay there again.

From Spain we went onto England where I had some great experiences and some not so great, but the highlight of my trip was definitely the Harry Potter World Tour. Over in the UK I caught up with lots of family and family friends who I’d either never met or not seen in years and it was amazing, everyone was so warm and welcoming (big thank you to everyone of them that I stayed with for putting up with me). Honestly though other than the Harry Potter World Tour one of my favourite places that I visited was Edinburgh because its just an amazing city. I also visited Ireland during my travels and had both a fantastic and not so fantastic time there as I got sick, but my family over there were terrific and I definitely would go back again.

Towards the end of my trip I got a bit more lethargic and you may have noticed the photo count slowly trickled down. As time went on I got very homesick, especially for my dogs, which only made me not want to do anything and just wait for time to tick past so that I could return home. However I did get to see my mother’s old boarding school in those last few days which was nothing like I imagined (from all her stories I was thinking of some big Gothic foreboding building on a hill top which is definitely not what Rishworth looks like). On my last night with family in England we had a big dinner which was fantastic and delicious, I was also entrusted with Christmas cards to take home for my family.

Finally on Monday morning I departed Manchester airport, only upon arriving in Doha to find that my flight to Melbourne was delayed by two hours. Commence panic, the delay meant I was going to miss my connection for Darwin, I ended up crying and calling my mum on Skype because I had no idea what to do- I’d never travelled such a long distance with connections on my own before. After my mother calmed me down I went and talked with the airline staff who reassured me that they’d emailed their staff in Melbourne so that arrangements could be made to get me to Darwin, luckily my fare had been all booked on one ticket otherwise I would have been in a bind.

Once I reached Melbourne the airline staff there informed me that they’d booked me a seat on a flight to Darwin the next morning and that there was a hotel room booked for me. So I spent Tuesday night in Melbourne and then yesterday morning boarded my plane home. Finally home I was very happy to be greeted by my mum and when we reached our house to have my dog Molly come to me. Molly was so happy to see me she began crying whilst I patted her, the poor dear clearly missed me and has barely left me alone since I returned.

My other dog Janie was also happy to see me, though I had to go find her as she’s old and hadn’t heard me returning home. Janie affectionately licked my arm once she realised who I was, readily reclaiming me as her own. After lavishing my dogs with affection I took a much needed cold shower, as I smelt questionable (2 days in the same clothes and hours on airplanes will do that to you). Once clean I commenced unpacking, rummaging about and sorting out the souvenirs I bought.

A few hours later was my welcome home dinner, we had delicious curries and rice. Three of my closest friends came over along with my Aunty Cheryl and cousin Jonathon. I gave them all their souvenirs and was very happy to enjoy the evening with them, finally finishing the night with a board game before everyone had to go home.

On a final note my travels have been a wonderful experience, thank you all for sharing them with me.

Regards and Happy Holidays,



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