Wednesday Prompt Smash: Speck of rain

Prompt: Speck of rain

Word Limit: 200 words

A/N: Apologies for this being late, I returned home yesterday and spent my time cuddling with my dogs and eating dinner- I’ll be putting up a whole blog post about my travels and returning home later. Don’t forget to check out Tim.

There’s something special about the tropics, something divine that is hard to explain to those who can’t see its appeal. The wave of the trees in monsoonal winds and that particular smell that lightly fills the air just before a storm, there’s nothing else quite like it. Many people would argue that four seasons are more beautiful and engaging, but here’s the trick they’re completely different.

You can’t compare the wet and dry of the tropics with summer, autumn, winter and spring- they are worlds apart. But if you know the secrets of the tropics, if you know the feel of that first speck of rain touching your cheek and the euphoria of dancing in a storm then you know that there’s something unique and heavenly about the tropics.

Of course, tropical places can carry more dangers than what anyone can see, there are pesky creatures that hide from sight and things that lurk within the ground. However all things tend to come with a little risk, don’t they?

Word count: 168 words



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