Wednesday Prompt Smash: Super Secret Canadian Handshake

Prompt: Super Secret Canadian Handshake

Word Limit: 200 words

A/N: Sorry, sorry I’m late again this week. Trying to get back into the swing of things here at home and was way too excited about the new Star Wars movie to do any writing yesterday. Also please be advised this is a work of fiction.

It was odd this side of the border, it felt safer and calmer, the people seemed friendlier and easier to approach. In a way it was unsettling, smiling faces and actual sincerity, it creeped underneath the skin. Then there was the way friends seemed to greet each other, they all seemed to be doing the exact same elaborate handshake.

Watching different groups repeatedly doing the same handshake, men in suits coming out of the office doing the exact same handshake as rebellious skateboarders, it didn’t make sense. None of the television shows showed characters performing this handshake, no literature spoke of this handshake, if there was no reference to it then how was it everyone was doing the exact same handshake?

I could feel it slowly driving me insane, observing it repeatedly. One day I sought to practice it, to recreate it and record it; however I found the movements of the palm were all wrong when I tried. What was this? Some sort of elaborate Canadian conspiracy? How could they all be doing the exact same handshake?

Word count: 178 words


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