Wednesday Prompt Smash: Clement the Unbeliever

A/N: Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work if you have time. Happy Holidays everyone!

Prompt: Clement the Unbeliever

Word Limit: 250 words

“Paradise is within reach, all you need to do is pledge yourself to the almighty lord of the flame. When his holy fire rains from the sky, only those who follow him will be spared and allowed entry to paradise.” The preacher was hysterical, standing atop the brick wall.

Clement wouldn’t have paid him any mind if it wasn’t for the small congregation forming around the shabbily dressed man. For some reason or another, these people were listening to this fanatic about his weird god of flame. Watching the congregation slowly become enraptured Clement decided to speak up.

“So uh when exactly is this holy fire going to rain down on us? Also is there a god of water perchance? Or are we supposed to believe the lord of the flame is the only god?”

“Who said that?” Cried the preacher, from his perch, trying to find the voice in the crowd.

“That’d be me.” Clement raised his hand and grinned at the preacher, awaiting answers.

“Ah yes, I see you now young sir. It is not our place to know when the holy fire comes, so we must be dutiful in our belief. As for other gods, well they may exist but they cannot lead you to paradise. Only the lord of the flame can bring us to paradise.”

“Right, that sounds like bull. If you people want to follow him go ahead but trust me it isn’t going to lead you to paradise.” With that Clement made to leave the flocking congregation, before he was clear though the preacher cried out.

“Naysayer, you shall burn in eternal damnation.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.” Clement muttered as he left.

Word count: 281 words



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