Wednesday Prompt Smash: A whole new you

Prompt: A whole new you

Word Limit: 250 words

There was a lot of bottles arranged on the shelves, bottles of lotion and bottles of… oil? Petrol?

Suddenly this didn’t seem like such a great plan anymore, was there any way to get out of this?

Looking at my watch there’s only 10 minutes; maybe I can take this back. Slowly, I inch up from the waiting room chair. Trying to not make a noise, I head for the door, I can do this.

“We’re ready for you now,”

As if out of nowhere the nurse appears, darn and I was so close to escaping.

“Please come with me.”

I gulp down my anxiety, I decided to do this so I should follow through… right?

Dragging my feet I follow the nurse into the office, this is it no going back. The nurse helps me to lie down on the bench, then she proceeds to give me anaesthetic and my vision goes dark.

I feel funny as my eyes slowly open, my eyelids feel heavier than they used to and my limbs feel oddly numb… but also not numb… it’s that pins and needles type of sore that you get when trying to move your legs after sitting on them too long.

Eventually I feel a little less numb and rise up, there’s mirrors set-up all around the bench.

I’m aghast at how different I look now, there’s now a mild sheen to my limbs and a faintly notable copper sheen around my eyes.

“How do you feel? It’s like a whole new you isn’t it?”

The nurse has reappeared and quickly helps me up; she makes a fuss to check that I’m alright before quickly ushering me out… I guess it’s done now, I’ll never be the same again.

Word count: 291 words


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