Wednesday Prompt Smash: Never-Ending Eternity

A/N: Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy this first post for 2017 and don’t forget to check out Tim’s writing if you have time.

Prompt: Never-ending Eternity

Word Limit: 300 words

There are perks to being a god, looking down from on high at all the mortals. It is a position of great power, but also a considerably lonely one.

The great palace is of such immeasurably size that it is a rarity to come across any of the other gods, most never wandering past their wing. For a simple god such as *wind chimes tinkling*, it is a small pleasure to look at the map of stars and observe the many planets of the universe. However for all the hundreds of planets with sentient life none had ever interacted with each other, this saddened her as it served to remind her of her circumstances in the great palace.

For other gods like *crack of a whip*, there is no pleasure in gazing at the immensity of the universe. Instead he revelled in creating new planets, throwing chaos into the universe and truly affecting the mortal realm.

Some gods favour certain sentient planets, striving to influence the life forms that preside there and shape them. Yet still they bore of this task, abandoning the mortals they have moulded.

The god *childish laughter* delights in simply watching the mortals, often finding their presumptions about the divine to be more educational as to the nature of her fellow gods than pointlessly wondering the great palace. And yet still she feels lonely, for at times it seems the silly mortals are closer to her kin than she.

Each god is different, each seeks their own form of pleasure, though they all grow tired of such simple implementations. Gods have no release from life, they are immortal and greater than the universe. Centuries in mortal time are but the passing of seconds for the gods, trapped in their great palace for a never-ending eternity.

Word count: 299 words


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