Wednesday Prompt Smash: Constant Lawn Mowers

Prompt: Constant Lawn Mowers

Word Limit: 300 words

Rina was casually strolling down the street, groceries in hand. She had just finished up the last of her errands for the day and was immensely happy with herself for completing them in such a timely manner. Strolling along with not a care in a world she missed seeing the walk signal changing to no walk.

*tires screech* *slamming sound*

“Miss, miss are you ok? Somebody call an ambulance!”

“We’re losing her,”


Rina’s eyes blink open slowly, everything is aglow and not in the sterile hospital lights kind of way. Everything seems a little hazy but slowly comes into shape revealing a set of faces hovering over her. And then Rina begins to notice that the faces have bodies and the bodies have wings, which is all rather startling.

All of a suddenly Rina jolts upright startling the winged people who retreat a few paces.

“Where am I?” Rina declares.

“Relax sweet child, you’re safe.” One of the winged people moves forward, smiling.

“Safe, sure. But WHERE am I?” Rina responds.

“Oh, well you’re in heaven, my dear.”

“That would mean that I’m… I’m…”

“Dead. Yes, yes indeed you are. So sorry for your passing, but we’re absolutely thrilled to have you here.” The winged person seems exceptionally excited.

“Oh, well that’s rather unsatisfying.”

“Come let us show you around, that’s bound to cheer you up.” Without letting Rina say anything further the winged person takes her hand and begins to pull her a long, not seeing any reason to struggle Rina gives in and follows.

Heaven was spectacularly beautiful, with wondrous gardens abound and fountains. But then there was an infernal sound that Rina could not ignore.

“What on Earth is that sound?” she asked the winged people.

“Oh those are the constant lawn mowers, we need them to keep the lawns in constant perfect order.”

“Oh… they just don’t seem like something you’d need in heaven.”

“Well even Heaven can’t be perfect.”

Word count: 325 words


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