Saturday Word of the Day: Laterigrade

*Laterigrade: having a sideways manner of moving, as a crab.

“Now children gather round it’s time for surface lessons, pay close attention as you’ll need to know all of this to pass the test. And you all know what happens if you don’t pass the test.”

“We don’t get to visit the surface.”

“That’s right children. Now on the surface there are large vessels, these are called ships. These ships are manned by strange creatures called Humans.”

“What’s a human?”

“Very good question Ripple, well now let’s see they’re a bit like us but they have legs.”

“What’re legs?”

“Well Gilly they’re limbs, kind of like arms but in place of tails.”

“That sounds terrifying.”

“Well now not really, you know Crabs have legs.”

“Oh those little parts they scurry on are called legs?”

“Yes, that’s right Delphine.”

“Does that mean humans are also laterigrade?”

“No, I don’t believe so Tide. You see humans only have two legs, not like crabs. And from my observations of their movements on ships it doesn’t seem like they are laterigrade.”

“Really, how fascinating.”

“Mrs Pearl, I think we’ve gone off topic. Can we please go back to the curriculum, I really don’t want to fail my test.”

“Yes, yes indeed. Back to the curriculum, now ships are extremely dangerous and you should never swim too close to them.”




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