Wednesday Prompt Smash: Captain Nairn’s Spyglass

Prompt: Captain Nairn’s Spyglass

Word Limit: 400 words

The young, intrepid explorer Samuel Nairn was never as excited as he was the day he got to take his first voyage across the stardust sea. He found every moment thrilling, watching as the ship was prepared and helping the ship hands with minor tasks, unlike the other passengers he was thirsting for knowledge of the ship and its workings. All the way up until the ship left dock he was bouncing around seeking to learn.

As the ship left port he starred back at land, not feeling regret or anything like that but imagining how fantastic it will be when he returns with stories of his adventure. While they were sailing Nairn continued to run about seeking more and more knowledge. It was during this period he found himself climbing to the crow’s nest; up there he could see everything for miles. The whole world stretched out before him was breathtaking.

“Wow.” He found himself exclaiming as he gripped the edge of the nest and looked around, stretching to see more.

“Hey up there, don’t go falling out.” A voice called down from below.

Nairn looked down towards the voice, he was quite high up.

“I won’t, I’m just trying to see as much as I possibly can.” He called down to the voice who as it were was a cabin boy.

“Well look if it’s seeing you want to do, you’ll need one of these,” the cabin boy pulled out a long, shiny object and waved it in the air.

“What is it?” Cried Nairn.

“It’s a spyglass, with this you can see ahead for leagues.”

“Where do I get one?”

“Come on down, I’ll give you mine if you like.” With that Nairn darted back down the ladder like lightning, itching to try out the spyglass.


Many years later Captain Nairn was a renowned sailor, an adventurer who could be found often aboard his ship up in the crow’s nest. He always carried his trusty spyglass and often went to great lengths to keep it, be it diving into the ocean because the spyglass rolled off deck or duelling pirates because they had stolen it. There was nothing he treasured more than that spyglass, though nobody could ever figure out why the initials carved into the metal were Q.B instead of S.N.

Word count: 385 words


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