Wednesday Prompt Smash: My Inheritence

Prompt: My Inheritance

Word Limit: 250 words

Olympia Oramaia cried when her mother died, she cried for days on end. And then when the time for grieving was over she donned her decorative armour and marched to the grand hall.

There was a meeting of the council; gods, veterans and oracles. When Olympia walked into the hall though all became silent, there was a hush.

“Olympia Oramaia, what brings you to this hall?” Declared one of the veterans, rising from their seat.

“What business do you have interrupting this meeting of the council?” The voices of the gods echo in the hall.

“I have come to claim my inheritance.” Olympia shouted out for all in the hall to hear.

“What inheritance is that?” An oracle cocks her head at Olympia, her glazed eyes seeming to peer into the depths of Olympia’s soul.

“My mother’s title!” exclaims Olympia, “My mother’s title as head of the Valkyries!”

There is a silence, a long silence. Moments tick by as Olympia waits for the council to reply.

“Why should you receive this title? What makes you think it is yours to have?” The gods break the silence, voices thundering and shaking the walls of the hall.

For a moment Olympia does not respond. For a moment she is frozen in place, but only for a moment.

“It is my right. I was raised to take this title. It is my inheritance.”

“Entitled child, if it was so simple any Valkyrie could claim it.” The Oracle with the glazed eyes steps down towards Olympia, “To be a leader requires much more than inheritance. Valkyries inherit nothing, they earn everything.”

Word count: 265 words


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