Saturday Word of the Day: Chanticleer

A/N: Happy Lunar New Year!

*Chanticleer: a rooster.

“Siti, what exactly are we looking for?” Hai called out to the monkey girl who was swinging between the trees.

“Just wait, you’ll see.” Siti disappears up into the canopy of a particularly large tree.

Hai looks up at the tall trees, the sky barely visible through the rainforest’s canopy. He thinks to himself about how he ended up here, following after a ridiculous monkey girl.

It had been fairly simple, his master had instructed him to find the guardians of the zodiac- at least it had sounded simple.  Of course it had quickly spiralled into a horrendous journey of dodging ox and trying to corral horses.

And finally it had brought him to this tropical island and had him chasing a monkey girl on her quest to find whatever it is they were looking for.

“Over here, Hai! Quickly!” From the treetops Siti’s voice rang out.

Hai ran towards Siti’s voice, it helped that she continued to call out and make monkey noises. He shortly arrived in a clearing where Siti was now sitting cross-legged with a chanticleer in her lap.

“What is that?” Hai asks staring directly at the chanticleer.

“It’s a chanticleer. You said you needed to find the guardians of the Zodiac, well this is one of them.”

“Of course it is. Great, cool, let’s take it and go.”

With that said Hai turned around and started to march out of the rainforest.




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