Wednesday Prompt Smash: 20 colonies of mankind

Prompt: 20 colonies of mankind

Word Limit: 400 words

“All aboard the Centurion, our magnificent cruise will be travelling to all 20 of mankind’s colonies!”

“Is it safe Mummy?”

“Of course it is sweetie, we’ll be safe on board the centurion and plus humans aren’t that bad.”

Hordes of people boarded the Centurion intergalactic spaceship; some had the blue skin of Sartoris and others the bulbous heads of Mertino. Everyone boarding was different, races from all across the universe were gathering for the Centurion cruise, all of them bustling with excitement at the chance to see all of mankind’s colonies.

“We are now docking into Egonius, the 20th colony of man and our first destination! Egonius was named after…” The loudspeaker droned on but most passengers weren’t listening as they rushed to get off the ship and see the colony for themselves.

“WOW!” a small Sartoris child exclaimed as they stepped onto the dock.

As far as the eye could see there was water and wooden docks, boats all around as well as spaceships. It was a floating world and beneath it was another world.

Alien children ran all along the dock peering into the brilliant blue water. It was so blue and clear, and underneath it there were a hundred different types of sea-life.


“Mummy, Mummy, come look!”

Giant, purple, glowing manta-rays swam beneath the dock. The children would rush from side to side watching them. They would have stayed there all day but the parents eventually pulled them away, not wanting to waste their day, they only had one day after all and there was so much to see.

At sunset all the people from the cruise returned to the Centurion which promptly left the dock, headed to its next destination.

The days of the cruise flew past, colony after colony was visited- each breathtaking and bizarre in its own ways.

“We are now reaching our final destination, mankind’s first colony! This colony is actually just a short ways from their planet of origin, the human’s terraformed it to be inhabitable. Its name is Mars.”

“Woah” faces pressed against the Centurion’s windows to take in the lush reds of the planet and the big domes that decorated it.

When the Centurion docked its doors clicked into place and it opened out into one of the domes, from inside the dome there was a window looking out at space.

“This window is enhanced with telescopic technology, merely touch the surface and it will zoom in on that area.”


“Look, there’s Earth!”

Word Count: 417 words


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