Saturday Word of the Day: Feinschmecker

*Feinschmecker: Gourmet

“Welcome to Chez Bow Wow! Please let me show you to your table.”

“Your menu caters to dietary restrictions, right? Coco’s gluten intolerant.”

“Of course, we have a top feinschmecker who specially prepares each and every meal.”

“Fantastic, oh I forgot Marty’s diabetic can your feinschmecker cater for that?”

“Yes, yes, no problem. Now here we are this is your table.”

“Great! Coco, Marty, sit.”

The chocolate Labrador and Golden Retriever obediently sit around the table.

“Here is our menu, please look it over and let one of our waiters know what you would like for Coco and Marty to have. As for their dietary requirements, when you place the order just let the wait staff know and they’ll pass that information on to our feinschmecker.”

“Ok, thank you.”


A/N: In memory of my beloved dog Janie who passed yesterday.



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