Wednesday Prompt Smash: Washed up Viking Longboat

A/N: I’ve left a lot in this story up to the reader’s imagination, enjoy.

Prompt: Washed Up Viking Longboat

Word Limit: 200 words

The beach was deserted, not uncommon after a storm, which was just how James liked it. There was still a harsh wind blowing, even though the rain had long since stopped, and the sand was cool and malleable under foot. This was ideal in James’ opinion; beaches were far more beautiful like this then when they were covered in people.

James strolled along the shore line, watching the sea as steady waves rose and fell- it was as if the sea was breathing, the rise and fall of the waves like that of a chest as a human breathes in and out. Wandering along James would look back every few minutes to watch as the tide came and washed away the footprints indented in the sand.

As James reached one hidden stretch of the beach, tucked between a set of cliffs, they noticed something peculiar. Focusing upon the object and walking closer James could see faded colours in the wood and shields scattered in the nearby sand. Upon further investigation James became certain it was a ship or canoe of some kind, digging into the sand there was a fallen sail mast. And then when James looked back to the sea there was a body washed ashore, oar held tightly in hand.

Word count: 212 words



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