Saturday Word of the Day: Noblesse Oblige

*Noblesse Oblige: the moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honour, kindliness, generosity, etc.

The knights’ parade was one of the castle town’s most beloved affairs. People would stop their work just to watch the knights as they marched past, admiring the stunning colours of their polished armour.

This year Sir Egbert was leading the parade, he was the picture of nobility in his ornate armour. The sun glinted off the many jewels adorning the cuffs of his gauntlets, creating a sea of colour which dazzled onlookers as it reflected a rainbow onto his horse’s glossy white coat. Everyone was in awe, all eyes in the castle town searching for the chance to admire him.

And then a beggar stepped forth into the path of the march and begged a boon of Sir Egbert, it wasn’t traditional but every so often it occurred- someone from the poorer part of the population would interrupt the parade and ask the head of the procession for an act of kindness. Eyes widened both amongst the crowd and the other Knights as the beggar asked Sir Egbert to spare some change, anything would do.

Sir Egbert did not grant the beggar a boon; instead he spit upon them and used the sheath of his sword to push them aside. While all others looked on in shock he continued his march, eventually turning and calling for the procession to follow.

“Have you no sense of noblesse oblige!” Cried the beggar after Sir Egbert, he was granted no response and soon the front of the procession was out of site. As the beggar sat on the cobbles he remained in the path of the parade, the knights rode around him. A few of the knights as they passed made an effort to ride up to the beggar, gifting him a coin.



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