Wednesday Prompt Smash: Book Burning Ceremony

Prompt: Book Burning Ceremony

Word Limit: 350 words

“What’s going on here?” Mister Mayo asked as he and his family entered the town square.

“Oh, this? This is just our annual book burning ceremony.” Responded one of the cloaked citizens from beside the bonfire in the centre of the square.

“Cool,” commented little Tommy Mayo.

“Book burning ceremony?” Queried Mrs Mayo.

“Yes, our annual book burning ceremony is a beloved town tradition.” Stated another of the cloaked citizens, arms laden with books as they headed to the bonfire.

“We burn all the inappropriate and unholy books in town!” Cried a voice from behind the bonfire.

“Really? How bizarre… wait is that a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? Why would you burn that?” Mrs Mayo eyed a stack of books in the hands of a passing citizen.

“Oh, well because the pastor said it was unholy. Last year it wasn’t but Pastor Jim’s changed his mind this year, so into the bonfire it goes!” The cloaked citizen responded to Mrs Mayo whilst walking to the bonfire, finishing with throwing their stack of books into the blazing flames.

“Pastor Jim? Your town pastor decides what books get burned?” Mister Mayo asked the same cloaked citizen who was now heading back to one of the houses.

“Oh yeah, Pastor Jim decides which books are unholy and should be burned. But Mayor Lawthilton decides on which are inappropriate… but if a book is on either list then it has to be burned. There’s a copy of the lists over on the town notice board up by the Mayor’s office.” A different cloaked citizen responds to their question, using their hands to gesture in the direction of the Mayor’s office.

“Ok, well maybe we’ll go give them a looksee.” Says Mister Mayo, slowly gesturing for Mrs Mayo and little Tommy to follow him as they walk around the bonfire.

“Really George, you always pick the most peculiar places to visit.” Mrs Mayo declares once they are a fair way from the bonfire and cloaked citizens.

“I think it’s cool, can we burn books?” Tommy interjects.

“No Thomas.” Mrs Mayo responds.

“Now Petunia, I know it’s a little odd but that’s part of its charm.”

Word count: 363 words



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