Saturday Word of the Day: Craquelure

*Craquelure: a network of fine cracks or crackles on the surface of a painting

Everything the Devonshire family owned was ancient, having been passed from generation to generation. Their entire family home might as well have been a historic landmark.

It was a stately abode, their family home, hosting three stories and fine marble entrance pillars. The entrance door was thick, sturdy wood with carved in decals. And that was just the exterior, inside was a hundred times more breathtaking, there was never any doubt that the Devonshire family was wealthy beyond words.

All along the hallways there were portraits and prints, most decorated by craquelure proving their age. In the foyer, above the fireplace, there was an especially astonishing oil painting which visitors always found themselves staring at. As with all the other paintings it had craquelure, but it was hardly noticeable.

When at last the Devonshire family line came to an end, the city officials could hardly wait to announce the house a heritage site- some even hoping to perhaps steal a piece or two from the house for their own collections. Alas no more than a week from the passing of the last Devonshire and the whole house collapsed, a series of cracks appearing along the foundations as if out of nowhere. After all the rubble had been cleared though, officials were astonished to find somehow the oil painting had survived- although now it was covered in craquelure.

The marvellous oil painting was taken to the city gallery and hanged for tourists to view, an eternal marker of what had been, showing the Devonshire home in all of its original glory.



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