Wednesday Prompt Smash: Restless Ghost

Prompt: Restless Ghost

Word Limit: 150 words

The wind rustles in the leaves just outside my window. The girl has been staring out the window for hours now, just staring mindlessly outside and sighing. It’s frustrating watching her be so melancholy, it’s infuriating listening to her sigh.

I scream at her and tell her to leave, yet she does not react. Enraged I grab a flower vase and fling it across the room, I shout at her to get out of my room.

When the vase shatters against the wall she turns her head, she’s startled. She gets up from the bed and picks up the pieces of the vase; she sets them in the bin and calls out. No response to her call, she sits back upon the bed and resumes looking out the window.

This woman is insufferable; I launch myself at her but my hands cannot touch her. Incensed I begin grabbing the inanimate objects; shaking, throwing, smashing everything I can.

Word count: 157 words


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