Saturday Word of the Day: Runnel

*Runnel: a small stream; brook; rivulet

Naira runs like the wind, she runs and she runs. She runs like there is no tomorrow, like dawn will not come, she runs like her life depends on it. Her big eyes watering with tears, she continues to run, her feet ache but yet still she runs.

When she reaches a runnel, she doesn’t stop, she runs through it and the water splashes up as she does. She keeps on running until she can barely breathe, her lungs ache and her feet bleed, but she will not stop. Naira cannot stop running; she has to complete her task before time runs out, and so she pushes on through the pain.

Finally her legs buckle beneath her, she falls into the earth and she wheezes. This can’t be it; she has to keep going… if not her mother will die. She must get the herbs she collected back to the tribe, and so she pushes herself up from the ground and begins to walk.



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