Wednesday Prompt Smash: You disgust me

Prompt: “You disgust me, all you humans do.”

Word Limit: 250 words

“You disgust me, all you humans do.” Marak grunted as Nate slurped soup from his bowl.

They were a bit of a hodgepodge scouting party, a unified effort of the New Order Alliance. There was Nate representing the Humans of Avernis, Marak and Nile were present on behalf of the Orcs, Lelune was there for the High Elves of Etrinia and Lief had come as the representative for the Elven Union. Each member had been handpicked by their respective rulers, and was exceptionally skilled in their field of choice, but none of them could seem to get along.

That cold autumn night, only a day’s ride from the enemy camp, the tension reached breaking point. Lelune and Lief had started the fire, sniping at each other every step of the way. Then Nile had returned from hunting with a large deer slung over shoulder, tore off a leg and grilled it on the fire before promptly going off to eat alone.

As for Nate, he’d been trying to make peace with the others. Seeing as there was still a lot of deer left he went and cut off some pieces and prepared a soup for everyone. After handing everyone a serving, except Nile who had trudged out of camp, he sat down to enjoy himself.

Then it happened that Marak decided to voice his disgust with humans. Nate ceased slurping his soup and took a swing at the Orc, the peace between the party members quickly disintegrated with that and before long everyone was fighting.

Word count: 255 words


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