Wednesday Prompt Smash: I can’t believe you

Prompt: ‘I can’t believe you, and I don’t want to’

Word Limit: 300 words

The battlefield is bathed in blood; Iris is separated from her fellow soldiers, the enemy still numbers in the hundreds. Yet Iris will not concede, she charges through the enemies with her spear. She will not fall, not here, not today. Iris cuts down countless enemies, she will carve a path back to her allies, and her armour gleams red.

“YARGH!” A giant axeman rushes Iris, but he is bulky and weighed down by his armour, she dodges. Iris pivots quickly on her foot and twirls her spear to create confusion before quickly lashing out in a series of quick strikes directed at the weak points in the axeman’s armour.

“For Lumenaria!” She cries as she lands a finishing blow, plunging the spear end into the open space around his neck. With her would be attacker slain she takes off once more across the battlefield, she will re-join her people.

There is a ceaseless wave of enemies, each trying to cut Iris down. But she does not yield, she cannot, she will not. Tirelessly Iris pushes on to reach her allies.

Eventually a mounted enemy rides in front of her on a white stallion.

“Halt! The day is lost, your people have surrendered. Yield now or taste my blade.”

“I can’t believe you,” Iris grits her teeth and thrusts her spear into the horse, causing it to rear up and toss the rider, “and I don’t want to!” Iris dodges the rearing horse and before the rider can rise to their feet she holds her spear to their neck.

“Why won’t you yield?” sputters the rider, in answer Iris plunges her spear into their throat.

“No enemy shall be spared, no lie shall be believed. As long as I stand Lumenaria shall not fall!”

Word count: 294 words


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