Wednesday Prompt Smash

Prompt: Suited to success

Word Limit: 200 words

“What a little genius,” “She’s going to be someone important someday,” “How talented,” Everyone cooed over the nine year old girl. She was a sensible child, interested in sensible things and dressed in practical clothing. All the relatives always fussed over her, she was a smart child so there was much to fuss about.

“Did you see that?” “That’s amazing, especially for someone so young.” “This little girl is going places.” At age ten the family still fussed and cooed over her accomplishments, though she deemed them insignificant. Her mother would try and get her interested in playing dress up but she always refused to wear silly outfits and ran off to play on her father’s computer.

“Here it is baby, big day!” “You look so beautiful!” When she was 15 she graduated from high school, she had a full scholarship to the university of her dreams. There was little doubt that she was suited to success.

“Coming through, get out of my way!” That little girl quickly got swallowed by the world though, now she serves coffee for a living. Because in a country where everyone has an education and there’s a job shortage even the smartest, most suited to success, can fall short.

Word count: 205 words



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