Ballroom Blitz

Songs into Stories 5:

Song: Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

“Oh it’s been getting so hard, living with the things you do to me.” I softly whisper to my sleeping partner before slipping out of bed. I have to be quick if I want to get out of the house and to my therapy session without them noticing.

“My dreams are getting so strange; I’d like to tell you everything I see.” I confess whilst sprawled across the lounge in my therapist’s office.

“Alright, well then tell me what happens in these dreams?” My therapist is always very accommodating, yet straight to the point.

“Well they start off normal enough, I’m in a ballroom. It’s the ballroom, the one where I met my current partner.”

“This is the partner who you’ve been dodging talking about in our sessions?” Got to move this along before they ask any more questions about my partner.

“Yes but uh I want to talk about the dreams, not them.”

“Alright, so you’re in the ballroom.” The pen is poised above that little notebook, making notes on my evasive nature I’m sure.

“Yes I’m in the ballroom. And there are people there, lots of people, and then I see a man at the back. This man, his eyes are as red as the sun, there’s a dangerous feel to him. But before I can walk towards him I notice someone else. There’s a girl in the corner, and she just radiates this aura, it’s overwhelming I can’t ignore her.

In my mind there’s a voice as well, not the man’s or the girl’s, it tells me things. It says stuff like ‘she thinks she’s the passionate one’. It’s chilling.” I shudder a little.

“And then what happens in this dream?” The pen scribbles away at the notebook, what’s it saying about me and my dreams?

“Well… Oh yeah! It was like lightning. All of a sudden everybody in the ballroom was fighting. But then there’s this music that starts to play, and it’s so soothing. With the music playing they all started grooving. However that’s when the man at the back screams ‘Everyone Attack!’

So the people start to fight again, and the girl in the corner is suddenly beside me and she says ‘boy, I want to warn you it’ll turn into a ballroom blitz.’ That’s when I see my partner though, and I go to reach out for them, but I can’t touch anything. So I softly call over for them, but when they get to me there’s nothing left, they just vanish.”

“I see, do you think this has something to do with your relationship?” Asks the therapist, staring down at me over their notebook.

“I’m not sure, because you see before I can really think about it in the dream the man in the back draws my attention again. He looks like a madman, ready to crack open at the seams. He raises his hands to the sky, like this.” I demonstrate raising my hands upwards.

“But the dream keeps leaping, it’s all in the one ballroom but yet my focus is ever changing because before I can pay too much attention to the man I hear the voice again. It says ‘the girl in the corner is everyone’s woman. She could kill you with a wink of her eye.’

The dream feels electric; you know it’s just so perfectly hectic. Like just at that moment I’m drawn to notice the band is starting to leave… leave life I mean as they’ve all stopped breathing. Then parts of the dream start to replay. The man in the back calls for everyone to attack, the girl warns me it’ll turn into a ballroom blitz, the people start fighting but then soothing music plays and they start grooving. It’s so chaotic, it’s like some kind of ballroom blitz.” I stare at the therapist as they lay down the pen for a moment.

“What do you think it means?” They ask me.

“That’s why I’m here, I don’t understand it… and I keep having it… especially when my partner is going out of town.” I bite my tongue, I’ve said too much, now they’re definitely going to push the subject of my partner.

‘Bling’ a little clock on the coffee table goes off.

“That’s time; we’ll have to discuss this more next week.” My therapist smiles sweetly at me, I’m sure they’re upset the session ended before they could push more on the subject of my partner.

“Yeah, see you next week.” I’m relieved that for now I won’t have to talk about my partner.

My key clicks in the lock and I exhale a sigh of relief now that I’m home.

“Where have you been?” I gulp; I thought they were going out of town today.

“I thought you had to go out of town today.” I say, not wanting to mention my therapist appointment.

“I rescheduled. Where have you been all morning?” There’s an accusation in their tone.

“I… I was at my therapy session.” I mumble under my breath.

“What was that?”

“I was at my therapy session; I’ve been going every week for the past five years.” I look my partner dead in the eye; this isn’t something I should feel guilty about.

“Oh yeah? And what on earth do you have to talk about?” There’s a redness in their eyes, in a way they remind me of the man at the back in my dream.

“Dreams, hopes, fears, everything and anything.”

“Do you talk about me?” There’s that tone again, accusing me of something terrible.

“Not really, I’ll probably have to next week though.”

“Why’s that?” So much judgment can be conveyed in tone.

“Well I was talking about a dream of mine today and well I might have brought you up, my therapist will most likely push the subject.” I try to keep it cool, just the facts.

“And what exactly will you say about me?”

“Nothing.” And I mean it, after all there’s nothing to tell. Ever since our relationship began it’s been empty, my partner mostly ignores me or argues with me. It’s a bit like my dream, the moment my partner approached me there was nothing left of them, the them I had seen dissipated.

“Good.” With that single word the routine returns and my partner goes back to ignoring me.

That night I have the dream again.


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