Wednesday Prompt Smash: Feeling Green

Prompt: Feeling Green

Word Limit: 150 words

It was intolerable watching Marina dance, all the eyes in the hall drawn to her. Agatha’s skin always felt prickly when she saw Marina. Pretty, perfect, Marina.

With each leap, twirl, side-step and pirouette that Marina made, Agatha’s stomach churned. The music seemed to pulse through Marina, enriching each and every movement she made. And yet as her eyes burned Agatha could not look away.

It wasn’t fair. How could someone exist like that? How could Marina be so disgustingly perfect? Agatha’s mind raged as she glared daggers at the dancer.

Nobody else was staring at Marina in disgust, just Agatha. This of course only made Agatha feel angrier, after all surely it couldn’t be just her who despised Marina. Not that Marina even cared what Agatha thought, she was too busy being perfect.

“Someone’s feeling green,” Agatha could hear someone near her say; she flicked her head about trying to locate the accuser. It was one thing to simmer in her resentment, it was another thing entirely for someone to point it out.

Word count: 174 words

A/N: Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work over on Flights of Fantasy


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