Wednesday Prompt Smash: What is done, cannot be undone

Prompt: What is done, cannot be undone

Word Limit: 150 words

There are three creeds to the order of Villanscea. The first is Magic Corrupts. While magic is not outlawed in the order, it is looked upon with distrust. Practitioners of the craft must be watched at all times, their power cannot go unchecked. And with each practitioner the creed has rung true, they may become physically or mentally corrupted, each falls to corruption in their own unique way.

Secondly there is the creed- We serve the Blood. A double meaning is held within this credo, it is used to state whom we serve and what we do. The blood who we serve is that of the royal family, and in that capacity we shall spill the blood of their enemies offering it up to the Gods of Villanscea.

The final creed of the order is simple. What is done cannot be undone. There is no room for regret, no magic to turn back time, once something has been done you must not look back.

Word Count: 164 words


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