Wednesday Prompt Smash: Rude Awakening

Prompt: Rude Awakening

Word Limit: 200 words

There are few things in life that are predictable. Perhaps that’s why we let ourselves believe that there are signs, that there are ways to know the unknown. But there isn’t, not really, we can never truly know what is going to happen- the universe is a complicated place of confusion.

Sometimes we can manage to guess, pure luck really, guess what’s coming. But hey isn’t it always at least 1% likely to occur? Isn’t it always possible that the outcome we’re hoping for will come to be? It’s a lottery; some people just win more often than others.

Fabricated realities are a little different; you can see the framework so guessing is a lot easier and the percentages are a lot higher. But there’s a delight to be found in indulging in these false worlds… that is if they really are false.

Reality is a complex matter, and if you think not then you might just be in for a rude awakening. It is at least 1% probable that fiction is a reflection of another dimension, another reality… isn’t it. And what if this is true? Do certain humans contain the ability to know what’s happening in another reality? Do you?

Word count: 202 words

A/N: So this was a little different this week, hope everyone liked it. And don’t forget to check out Tim’s work.


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