Wednesday Prompt Smash: Overqualified

Prompt: Overqualified

Word limit: 300 words

This is my fifth job interview this week, it’s the twentieth job I’ve applied for this month and I really need a win. My portfolio is heavy, my palms are sweaty and my nerves are frayed, I need this job.

Yesterday I checked my savings and I’ve only got enough for next week’s rent and maybe some groceries. If I don’t get this job that’ll be it, I’ll need to apply for government aid, I’ll probably need to move back home… not that I could afford the plane ticket.

“Mr Dwyer?” The secretary gives me a sweet smile and motions that it is time for my interview.

“Yes, uh thanks.” I peel myself up from the chair, hopefully my suit looks good still, and scurry into the open office room.

“Nathaniel Dwyer? Rick Mortin, head of marketing. Pleasure to meet you,” Rick holds out his hand, I take it and shake… is my grip too hard? “Please take a seat Mr Dwyer, I see you’ve brought your portfolio.”

“Ah yes, here.” Ahh I’m mumbling, this is not going well. The portfolio almost slips out of my hands as I go to hand it to Mr Mortin.

“So I’ve looked over you resume Mr Dwyer and I have a few questions.” He grins, his teeth look like shark teeth, I gulp down my nerves.

“Yes, of course, ask away.”

The questions go on and on, there are so many. Did he really read my resume? He’s flicking through my portfolio and frowning, I thought it was a pretty good portfolio of my work but maybe it isn’t.

“Thank you, Mr Dwyer. Unfortunately I can’t offer you the position.”

“May I, uh ask why?”

“You’re overqualified.” What?

“Excuse me, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing… in all honesty Mr Mortin, I really need this job.”

“I’m sorry, Mr Dwyer but I can’t give it to you. Goodbye.” With that he ushers me out.

Word count: 323 words


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