Wednesday Prompt Smash: Minor Technicality

Prompt: Minor Technicality

Word Limit: 240 words

“Whoo! Yes, I am GRADUATING!” Whoohoo, yeah!” Killian woops with joy, as she runs down the dormitory hall.

“Only because of a minor technicality.” George trails behind her.

“Minor-schminer, who cares if it’s a technicality? I’m GRADUATING!” retorts Killian, not even bothering to turn around.

“Yeah, George, who cares? With Killian just skidding over the line our whole gang is gonna get to graduate together.” Louisa skips alongside George and pulls a face at him before overtaking him.

“Right because we should endorse her reckless behaviour, minor technicalities often don’t rule in ones favour.”

“Don’t be such a Debbie Downer, George!” Mika slides in alongside him, having been roused from his dorm by Killian’s screams of joy.

“Yeah George, get excited. WE’RE GRADUATING!” Killian screams from up ahead.

“G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-N-G, GRADUATING!” Calls out Louisa, now arm in arm with Killian.

The girls giggle with joy as they exit the dormitory onto the quad, they run around on the grass before collapsing in a fit of laughter. George looks on unimpressed, but Mika grins broadly and pulls him over to where the girls are now laying upon the grass. Eventually George cracks a small smile.

“I guess, we ought to go grab our caps and gowns… The ceremony is in like 3 hours.”

“OH SHI-taki mushrooms, you’re right. Killian, come on, we don’t want to miss out on graduating after all that trouble to get you through.”  Louisa shoots up from the grass and pulls Killian to her feet.

Word count: 248 words

A/N: Don’t forget to check out Tim if you have time.


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