Wednesday Prompt Smash: Blood Stained Carpet

Prompt: Blood stained carpet

Word Limit: 250 words

There are plenty of fingerprints in the room, but they could be from any of the house staff. The candelabra that was used as the murder weapon has at least five sets of prints on it, though that suggests the killer is a member of the household or staff to have been so confident in not wiping their prints clean. There were no footprints outside that were out of the ordinary; clearly the killer had decided it was safer not to run.

Police detectives and private investigators alike puzzle over who the murderer may be, almost everyone has a motive. There are arguments over if the body was moved, the blood stains on the beige hallway carpet seem to imply it is possible, but the blood spatter in the study definitely points to it as the scene of the murder.

And then the shovel is found, it’s covered in blood. Funny thing is the blood doesn’t match the victim. The police begin overhauling the yard; holes are dug all over the place, revealing a series of skeletons buried under the manor grounds. Private investigators start amassing theories about the murders.

Nobody could figure it out, were they all done by the same person? It just didn’t add up, some of the skeletons were older than anyone amongst the manor household. And they still couldn’t figure out who the murderer of the victim in the study was.

Word Count: 236 words


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