Wednesday Prompt Smash: Is It Safe?

Prompt: ‘Is it safe?’

Word Limit: 150 words

Everything was quiet, no more explosions could be heard above. Yet the silence seemed more terrifying, after days of hearing only the cacophony of battle. In the bunker the people shivered, it was so cold, there was no heating, but they dared not leave.

Then there was a thumping, a kind of knocking against metal. One of the young boys scampered up to the bunker door to listen.

“Hello? Is anyone down there? Hello?” The voice was distorted through the metal but the words could just be made out.

“Hello.” Replied the boy, beckoning for someone else to come listen to the voice.

“Hello, are you okay down there?”

An elderly woman clambered her way to the boy.

“We are ok. Is it safe?” Asked the old woman, her ear propped against the cold metal.

“Yes, it’s all over. It is safe for you to come out.” Responded the voice.

Word count: 150 words



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