Wednesday Prompt Smash: Activate The Emergency Beacon

Prompt: “Activate the emergency beacon”

Word Limit: 200 words

All was quiet on the bridge, warning lights blinked on and off. In the vacuum of space, the craft drifted, a gaping hole in the side.

Most of the crew had been lost in the attack, the majority of what remained were asleep in cryo chambers. The captain was seated in his quarters, he stared at the monitor in front of him- watching the survival chance prediction percentage steadily drop. There was nothing to be done, according to the computer if he didn’t get into his cryo pod soon he’d die from lack of oxygen.

Of course, his cryo pod had been damaged from the attack, and all the intact ones were taken by what little of the crew was left. The computer beeped a warning ‘oxygen levels critical’, it wouldn’t be much longer now until he couldn’t breathe. In the vast emptiness of space, there was no chance of survival for him.

‘Oxygen levels almost at 0’ beeped the computer, all the captain could think was that his crew would be stuck in cryo forever- unless he did something.

“Computer, activate the emergency beacon.”


Word Count: 186 words


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