Wednesday Prompt Smash: Life Hack

A/N: A little over the word limit today. Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: Life Hack

Word Limit: 200 words

*Ding Dong*

There was loud clattering within the house as the doorbell rang, Cassidy leapt to her feet and rushed to answer the door.

“Pizza’s here!” She called out, rummaging through her pockets for money. Coming up empty she flashed the pizza guy a small smile before yelling “Hey who’s got the pizza money?”

Inside the house, there was a series of grumbles.

“I’ve got it,” cried Terri.

“They’ll just be a moment.” Cassidy smiled sweetly at the pizza guy who had a firm grip on their order and seemed more than a little perturbed at having to wait for payment.

Inside Terri crawled out from under Suzy and Nicole.

“Twister was the worst idea ever.” She grumbled as she approached the front door. “Hey, sorry for the wait, here’s the money.”

The pizza guy happily took the money and handed over their order before dashing off.

“Alright, Pizza time!” Cassidy hollered as they walked back to the living room.

“Yum! Let’s eat!” Cried Stacy, shoving Nicole off her and bouncing up to Terri who held the pizza.

“Wait up, go get some plates.”

“Uh… I think all our plates are dirty.” Nicole chimed in as she rose from the floor.

“No worries, life hack- a pizza box already has four plates.” Cassidy whipped out a pair of scissors and motioned for the box before cutting off the lid and separating it into four squares. “Now let’s eat.”

Word Count: 238 words


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