Wednesday Prompt Smash: Airlock Sale

A/N: My prayers are with the people in Manchester, U.K. after the attack. To any of my readers in the UK, I hope that you and your families are all safe.

Prompt: Airlock Sale

Word Limit: 250 words

Garage sales are pretty cool, but they’re a staple of a bygone era. In the year 2258 garages are a thing of the past, with most of the population living on space stations. Instead, people wanting to clear goods hold airlock sales.

The Gemini cruiser called The Eastwood was a fine but old craft, stuck in orbit around Mercury it had become renowned for its weekly airlock sales. Upon the ship was a large collection of Earth memorabilia, everything from movie discs to early holographs. Luxury cruisers would stop at Mercury and send shuttles to dock on The Eastwood, allowing tourists to participate in the airlock sales.

Of course, some people wondered how The Eastwood continuously had products for airlock sales; they were trapped in orbit and couldn’t leave. To any busybodies who thought to ask the crew would always say they took trades, to anyone who asked if they’d accept a trade they agreed only if the items were good. Those who studied The Eastwood and its commerce though would theorise that pillaging cruisers laundered their goods through The Eastwood, returning for their profits under the guise of maintenance crafts.

Still, it’s harder to maintain law and balance in the expanse of the galaxy, anyone with enough money can more than afford the criminal lifestyle. And so none of the authorities ever bother looking into the shady behind the scenes of simple airlock sales.

Word count: 235 words


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