Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Warriors Of Cheese

A/N: I had Dungeons & Dragons on the brain while writing this, which is nice because my friend Tim who gives me these prompts also introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons.

Prompt: The Warriors of Cheese

Word Limit: 250 words

“’We’re under attack!’ Cries General Gumball, ‘It’s the Warriors of Cheese!’

You look over the ramparts and sure enough, the Warriors of Cheese are slamming a battering ram into the castle gate. What do you do?”

“*snicker* The Warriors of Cheese? Really? Brent, you couldn’t have thought up a better name?”

“Look, Justin, if you have a problem with my names then maybe you should be DM… No? Not interested? Didn’t think so, now what do you do?”

“Ummm, I uh…”


“Okay, so Delilah casts fireball upon the Warriors of Cheese, for which I’m gonna give you advantage seeing as they’re busy ramming the gate… and uh then let’s roll initiative.”

“The Warriors of Cheese lay lifeless outside the gates, defeated before even breaching the gate, the city applauds your heroic and valiant efforts_”

“I jump down from the ramparts and loot their corpses.”

“Justin, damn it, you can’t just interrupt me.”

“Yeah well, I wanna loot dem corpses”

“Fine, roll an acrobatics check to see if you take damage from the jump or stick the landing.”

“Boom, nat 20.”

“Fine, Justin you leap over the ramparts, and gracefully roll as you hit the ground and avoid taking any damage.”

“Now I loot the bodies.”

“Upon looting the corpses of the Warriors of Cheese, you find 200 gold pieces all up and a map to the kingdom of Marshmallow.”

“Seriously, Brent? More food related names?”

“Yes, Delilah! I’m the DM so I make the names!”

Word count: 248 words



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