Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hell Racers

Prompt: Hell Racers

Word Limit: 300 words

Hell is a turbulent place, the afterlife is lit with flame and lightning, the people residing there call out for change. Unhappiness is rampant there, yet it is not so far from the world of the living.

Red hot paths of tar form roads across the hellscape, a motley of strange climates and weather scatter across the land. Rivers of molten lava tendril out, constantly expanding and flooding new areas.

Amongst all this chaos there are those who burn bright, those who are untouched by the pain of the afterlife. They are the Hell Racers.

These tenacious people are either: so twisted and distorted that they are unable to register what hell is, or they are remarkably strong in that they have risen above the pain of their own accord. It’s not hard to tell which Hell Racers are strong and which are twisted.

Twisted, distorted souls tend to burn away their old bodies- once in hell they become hideously deformed. These racers ride skeletal steeds, overbearing trucks and dangerous bikes. Seldom do they wear helmets; they are not ashamed of their new forms.

But those amongst the Hell Racers who are strong, who can overcome pain, they are sinners with hearts- they feel guilt, yet do not let it rule them. These riders who ride as atonement often maintain some form of humanity, though by the time they become racers they may be scarred by the trials of residing in hell.

The Hell Racers ride across the many roads of hell, through whatever weather may come. Sometimes they compete against each other for lost souls. Yet their main task is to race against the agents of heaven, they must ride fast enough to break through to the living plane and retrieve the souls of sinners before an agent of heaven comes forth to claim it and wipe away its sins.

Word Count: 311 words


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