Wednesday Prompt Smash: Heartbreaker Virus

Prompt: Heartbreaker Virus

Word Limit: 200 words

Each breath was more painful than the last, fluid could be felt as it built up in her lungs. With every cough there was little blood spatter, it hurt so much she couldn’t even close her eyes to sleep. Slowly she could feel her body degrading, she could feel her heart breaking in two and then into a million pieces.

All across the town, there were people suffering the same affliction; the hospital was seeing new cases brought in daily. It was clearly some kind of virus, rapidly spreading across the populace but how it had come about they could not say.

Some of the victims had different symptoms, some hardly displayed any symptoms before turning up in the morgue and having their autopsy show they’d died from the virus.  News slowly spread of this strange virus and its unusual way of taking lives.

As it became ever more common the people took to calling it the heartbreaker virus.

Word Count: 160 words

A/N: Bit shy of the word count today as I’m feeling under the weather (don’t worry it’s just the flu).


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