Wednesday Prompt Smash: Prophetic Dreams

A/N: This one’s a little different than how I usually handle the prompts, I hope you all enjoy it. Also be sure to check out Tim.

Prompt: Prophetic Dreams

Word Limit: 200 words

There’s water all around me, I’m underneath it and yet I can breathe. I try to swim but it seems I am fixed in place, I can see sunlight coming from above so I must not be too deep.

For a while, there’s nothing but the water, and then suddenly something slams into the water. Whatever it is must be heavy as it plummets quickly downward. As it rockets past me, I’m horrified to see a human hand and some wisps of hair…

I startle from my sleep, sweat upon my forehead. Looking around I know I’m at home, safe in bed, but I can’t shake the fear that my dream filled me with. My hand searches for the lamp on the nightstand and clicks it on, the light makes me feel a little better but my skin is covered in goosebumps- what was that dream about? Whose body was it?

The next day at work a call comes in, there’s a girl missing. People from all around town volunteer to help search for her, us in the police force create a search perimeter and start looking. All day nothing can be found, that is until we dredge the lake and find her body weighed down at the bottom.

Word count: 209 words


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