Getting To Vote

I’m a young voter. When I first turned 18 I was away at university and I wasn’t even thinking about voting. However, within a few months, there was an election approaching and I needed to get organised.

Not going to lie, I panicked when I realised I had to get registered to vote and then actually go and vote. Lucky for me, I had my family and early voting coincided with the time when I was back home.

Voting is important; it’s something people fought for and is our democratic right.

It’s also extremely daunting.

Who do you vote for? What order do you put the candidates in? And if you’re a first time voter there is a whole slew of other questions.

Still to this day I get anxious about voting, because I know how important it is. The person you vote for may end up representing not just you but your state. Which is why it is so important, to make sure you take advantage of your right to vote and educate yourself about the candidates you’re voting for.

Back at university I ended up doing a study into politicians from each party and how they handled matters for their constituencies. It was a part of my degree and a whole class project, which ended up winning the Sally A White Award for Investigative Journalism.

Working on that project really made me aware of how complacent some people are in their elected roles, but it’s also helped me notice those who go above and beyond for their community.

Back in my home town of Darwin, Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim is one of those people who puts her all into serving the community – she’s running for re-election this year but unfortunately having moved to Queensland I can’t vote for her, but I’m wishing her all the best on her campaign.

If you’re a first time voter don’t be put off, remember every vote counts. Oh, and if you’re worried about who to vote for or what order to vote in, there’s always volunteers on hand with how to vote cards – so make sure you pick one up that will guide you through voting for your preferred candidate.

A/N: Something a little more personal today, but don’t worry later this evening I’ll be putting up my prompt smash piece. – Sasha


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