Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hands of Fate

Prompt: Hands of Fate

Word Limit: 300 words

Mortals are all guided by fate, every movement and choice they make are a careful calculation that solidifies the path outlined for them. Though even those that believe in fates guidance aren’t privy to the goddess’ working, she is eternally busy and terribly devoted. She sees the strings of fate that entangle everything, it is up to her when knots are undone and when strings are cut, she strolls through the world with her golden shears at the ready.

When mortals doze she passes through their abodes and if she particularly likes someone she will touch the strings of their fate to view their outcome. Sometimes she can be swayed to change a mortal’s path. Often pleas to her fall upon deaf ears, but sometimes she’ll listen and intervene.

Her slender and delicate hands give nothing away, it would be impossible to know the many hours she spends at her spindle and loom. She is quicker than any other god, her hands work nimbly to create new threads with every new life. If she feels especially attentive, when she is crafting a string, then she will create a weak point in the string that shall snap at the appropriate time – saving her the effort of cutting it later.

If the hands of fate touch mortal skin then they imbue it with special properties, for some it is misfortune and for others, it is great luck. Some touched by her may experience an injury, while others will grow strong… it all depends on her intent.

Yes, the Goddess of Fate truly controls all mortals, even other gods cannot change the work of her hands. Once the hands of fate have set your path, it shall remain.

Word Count: 285 words


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