Wednesday Prompt Smash: Millions of Books

A/N: A little later than normal today. I am happy to say my friend Tim has finally posted new content over on his blog, so you should check out his writing.

Prompt: Millions of Books

Word Limit: 300 words

I could hardly believe my eyes, shelves stretched out in front of me- each stacked with over a dozen books. They stretched on as far as my eyes could see and beyond, there must have been millions upon millions of books. Where to start?

My fingers gently trailed along the shelves, disturbing dust as they went. These books were old, the colours and words on the spines had begun to fade. Some of them had golden illustrations that caught my eye, but each time I checked them they were not what I was after. It could take an eternity to find what I was searching for.

Whoever had organised this place had a meticulous eye for detail, everything was sorted into areas of studies and then into subsections and alphabetically by the author’s name. A shiver ran up my spine, the cool air circulating must have contributed to the preservation of the tomes.

Taking a rather large book from one of the shelves, I ran my thumb delicately over the hard-cover. The words were faded but had clearly been embossed, so I felt around to make out the title. A sigh of defeat passed my lips as I returned it to the shelf, so far I was coming up empty.

Surely amongst these millions of books, one of them would contain what I was looking for.  However, with each shelf, I finished examining I became more and more concerned that my efforts were in vain. Each book I found that seemed promising was either too degraded to read or aggravatingly unhelpful.

“WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?” I cried out, knowing full-well that there would be no response. There was nothing to be done but continue searching the shelves, it would take centuries to even just check the spines of all these books.

Word Count: 303 words


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