Saturday Word of the Day: Cannikin

*Cannikin: a small can or drinking cup.

Camping in the woods for the weekend had seemed like a good idea but in retrospect, it wasn’t something Matilda was well equipped for. For starters, she didn’t own a tent or a sleeping bag, so she’d decided to rent a cabin- it wouldn’t be camping exactly but it would be an outdoor retreat.

Still being outdoorsy was not one of Matilda’s traits, rather within the first hour she’d encountered a severe conundrum- there was no cell service in the cabin and definitely no internet.

“No problem, not an issue. I’ll just… uh… read a book…” Rummaging through her bag Matilda was not pleased to find the only reading material she’d packed was a survivalist’s book, sure it would be useful but it was definitely not what she had in mind.

Flopping onto the bed she stared at the ceiling thoughtfully, “there must be something I can do with all my time.” The comfort of the soft mattress soon had her yawning and closing her eyelids.

Hours later she awoke, her stomach was grumbling for food. Stumbling in the dark Matilda recalled that there was a light switch next to the door; she just needed to get to it. Once the lights were on she could only sigh in defeat at the small kitchenette which was really just a hot plate on a bench.

“No problem, I’ll just boil some beans…” It was a long night and Matilda didn’t exactly find her bean dinner satisfying- there was a lack of crockery in the cabin and she found herself eating out of a cannikin rather than off a plate like she was used to.

The sink in the bathroom dispensed clean water, so before taking a shower she made a point of washing the cannikin and refilling it with water for drinking later.

“This is going to be a long weekend,” she sighed as she lay down to sleep.



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